"Nutrition 101" with Dr. Charles Mok

Are you eating a balanced and nutritious diet? Do you know what constitutes a balanced and nutritious diet? There isnâ??t anything more important than your physical health, and thatâ??s why Dr. Charles Mok of Michiganâ??s Allure Medical Spa wants to help you understand nutrition as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible. Michiganâ??s leading provider of cosmetic enhancement is here to help dispel many of the most common and problematic misconceptions relating to personal nutrition, as well as set the record straight when it comes to what you should be eating to ensure a healthy and well-rounded diet.

Youâ??ve heard the expression, â??you are what you eat,â? havenâ??t you? Well, itâ??s more true than you might initially think. With our countryâ??s preoccupation with convenient, but nutritionally void processed foods, we are facing an enormous health crisis that is manifesting itself in the form of rampant obesity, heart disease and cancer. Allure Medical Spaâ??s very own Dr. Charles Mok wants you to be as well educated as possible when it comes to the appropriate approach to establishing a nutritious and balanced diet. With the correct information, we can all make better and healthier decisions, which will ultimately make our lives better.

Did you know that the long held USDA food pyramid has been debunked, and is no more than a preposterous misrepresentation of what human beings require in the way of proper nutrition? Are you aware of what appropriate portions of meats, vegetables, fruits and grains are for an average adult human? If not, this is okay, but Dr. Charles Mok of Michiganâ??s Allure Medical Spa wants to help you become informed as to what constitutes a healthy meal and a healthy diet. When youâ??re ready to make the most important change of your life, come to Allure Medical Spa for a wellness consultation with a team of experts.

Contact Allure Medical Spa today at 1-800-298-8346 or online at http://www.alluremedicalspa.com to schedule your consultation.

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