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Nutrition 101: How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

Next to â??how much do I feed my dogâ?, this is the most asked veterinary question. And the answer is not simple. Puppies need more calories, protein, fat, and minerals and vitamins than adults. Also they are constantly growing so meal size continues to increase. And the number of meals per day changes as puppies age and grow.

The easiest way to feed your puppy is follow the instructions on the label. These quantities are often too generous so feed at the lower end of the recommendations. The recommendations are for a standard measuring cup of dry food, not a mug, soda cup or big gulp cup. Feeding instructions for wet food are canned portions or whole cans. The feeding directions are for the entire day, not each meal.

The total amount should be divided up between 3-5 meals for puppies under 8 weeks old. And divided into 3 meals for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age. With the exception of giant breed dogs (Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds) puppies over 16 weeks of age can be fed twice a day.

Adjust feeding amounts so your puppy maintains a 4-5/9 BCS throughout puppyhood. First is to feed amounts that maintain your dog at a 4-5/9 BCS throughout its life. The BCS or Body Condition Score is a visual and tactile method for assessing a dogâ??s fitness level. It actually matches complicated x-ray techniques that are used to determine body fat percentages.

As your puppy grows it needs more calories and nutrients. Re-adjust the daily amount for every 5 lb. change in weight. And remember if you change food, you need to follow the feeding instructions for the new food.

Puppies should be fed a puppy formula food until their skeleton is completely grown. Ask your veterinarian when he/she thinks your dog will be ready for adult dog food.

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