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Pre & Post Workout Nutrition for Men Over 40

What should you eat right before you workout? What should you eat right after you workout? That's what we're going to discuss in this video.

In this video Coach Chris from Critical Bench and I discuss what men over 40 should be eating before and after their workouts.

The biggest variables that will determine what you need to eat pre-workout and post workout will be the type of workout that youâ??re doing. The frequency of your workouts. And your training goals.

For the average man over 40 who is going to the gym 3 days per week with the goal of building some muscle, getting back in shape, and losing belly fatâ?¦ You really donâ??t need any special pre or post workout nutrition in this case.

Just eating a well balanced diet - which includes 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day (primarily from natural sources like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, etc.), a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and essential fats like omega 3's - this will more than cover your nutritional needs for recovery and growth from your workouts.

When you have plenty of recovery time between workouts (i.e. working out every other day) there's no big rush to shuttle nutrients into your depleted muscle cells as fast as possible. Your body will be able to adequately replenish its energy stores in time for your next workout, just by eating your regular meals.

However, things change considerably when we're dealing with high performance athletes, and guys who are training daily, or even multiple times per day...

In situations like this pre and post workout nutrition takes on a whole new meaning, because you need to be able to quickly replenish what your body burns during training in order to maintain your exercise performance for the next workout. Otherwise you'll risk burning out and "over training" from poor nourishment.

For athletes and guys who are training twice per day (i.e. weight training in the morning and sports practice in the afternoon) they need to be able fuel up before their workouts with some quality sources of lean protein and carbohydrates.

Ideally you'd eat a solid food meal of easy to digest foods at least 2 hours before your workout. This will give the food time to get absorbed and be available to fuel your workouts, rather than just sitting in your gut.

If you have to eat closer to your workouts, say an hour or less, then keep it very light, I recommend a small protein shake and a piece of fruit.

You can also supplement with BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) or EAA's (essential amino acids) right before or during your workouts to provide your working muscles a quick source of amino acids. This will help speed up post workout recovery and it will also help to spare glycogen during your workouts so you can train harder and longer.

For Post Workout Nutrition you need to replenish what you burned while training. So focus on easy to digest carbs and BCAA's or EAA's with very little fat or fiber as these things slow digestion.

I recommend something like a high sugar sports drink, or fruit juice, with an extra 50 grams of dextrose along with some sodium (i.e. salt) would be ideal.

Watch my video about electrolytes to see how to I recommend taking sodium and potassium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1oDV...

And be sure to check out Critical Bench's YouTube Channel as well at:

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I started using the proteinex in the lemon flavor. Is very strong but is better than all the other ones I have tried. I started using it for an invitro process and kept pn using it because of the benefits and support my weight loss.

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I bought this after hearing of "nodiet.com" on the radio... the price they were asking per serving (3grams protein every night) was astronomical. I figured I would need only one tsp Proteinex 18 per night to get my 3 grams. this 30 oz bottle would last 180 servings. So both my husband and I started taking it. I wish I could say it worked for me as well as my husband. It has been only 1 month and he lost 11 lbs. While I have maybe lost 1 or 2 pounds. (still going in the right direction.) I do have more energy and wake refreshed. I will not stop taking this. Oh by the way my husband is diabetic and his sugar levels have been great every morning... Good stuff. Taste isn't so bad if you don't water it down too much.

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I bought a bottle of Grape and a Lemon-Lime of this predigested protein based on a high review. I forced myself to try both flavors several times and I just don't see how anyone can drink this stuff? It makes me gag. I am a frequent user of the wonderslim and bariwise products and will continue using them but I am extremely annoyed about the money I spent on these two bottles that I had to throw away. What a waste!!!

5 out of 5 stars Great taste, great for the money
by Victoria on 11/28/2011
I have been with MRC for 3 months now and have lost 20 lbs. A big part of their plan is liquid protein supplements. After finding Proteinex-18, I am saving approximately 40% in cost. If you mix 1 oz with water or even add a sugar free powder drink mix to it, the flavor is great either way. I will continue to purchase this product and recommend to my friends and family!

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I really wanted a product to give me additional protein without a lot of calories. I mix it in my water bottle and take it to my workout!

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