Punished Bets - Nutrition Raps from the Easy Allies Coast Division

For losing the Paris Games Week Betting Special, Kyle Bosman, Don Casanova, and Daniel Bloodworth must present their 2-minute raps on nutrition. (Streamed Nov 14, 2017)

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(0:37)- Routine Sets & Reps: 4 exercises sets and reps will vary per exercise (0:43)- Dumbbell Hanging Knee Raise: 3-4 sets; 15-20 reps (2:19)- Scissor Flutter Kicks: 3 sets; 30 seconds per set (3:39)- Twist-Ups: 3-4 sets; 5-10 reps (5:13)- ...
Video Length: 07:43
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8 Min Abs Workout - Level 3 (no music)
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Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts
Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts
Please leave a google review: http://bit.ly/DrEricBergReview Dr. Berg talks about sprouts and the added nutrition. This is because you are riding phytic acid and ...
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