Healthy Eating and Fibromyalgia

In this interview, Mandy Curry, co-founder of Healthy Kids Inc, sits down to talk with her Mom about fibromyalgia.

Lindy was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990. Fibro is a disease of the muscles that causes soreness, stiffness, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms. One in 50 American's are diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 90% of those cases occur in women. Approximately 50% of people with fibromyalgia have difficulty with or are unable to perform routine daily activities. Thirty to 40% of fibromyalgia patients have to stop working or change jobs.

During this interview, Mandy and her mom sit down to talk about:
â?¢ Just how bad the fibro pain was and how long she has lived with the disease.
â?¢ The oh-so-many treatment plans she tested and the one solution that finally worked.
â?¢ The 10-day DETOX
â?¢ How the gut plays into fibro and what she does to repair hers.

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Lindy's 10-day detox journey:

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