In Depth Bar Muscle Up Tutorial (ft. Origins Nutrition)

Here is a very comprehensive, in depth bar muscle up tutorial featuring @origins.nutrition and @netty.upyourrom
매ì?° ì?ì?¸í??ê²? ì??려주ë?? ë°? 머ì?¬ì?? ê°?ì¢?! 모ë? ê²?ì? ê³µê°?í?©ë??ë?¤.

Origins Nutrition :

Netty UpYourRom

Time Code :
0:57 : Correct Technique for Pull Up (머ì?¬ì??ì? ì??í?? í??ì?? í??크ë??)
3:47 : Pushing the Button (ë?¤ë¦¬ë¡? ë²?í?¼ ë??르ë??ì?°ì?µ)
7:29 : Building the Explosive Pull (폭ë°?적ì?¼ë¡? ë?¹ê¸°ë?? í??련방ë²?)
8:55 : Straight Bar Dips (철���)
10:40 : Understanding the â??feelâ? of MU (머ì?¬ì?? í??ë?? ë?ë??ì°¾ë?? ì?°ì?µ)
13:13 : Kipping Muscle Up Bent Leg (ë°?ë?머ì?¬ì?? ë?¤ë¦¬êµ½í??ì??)
14:20 : Kipping Muscle Up Straight Leg (ë°?ë?머ì?¬ì?? ë?¤ë¦¬í?´ì??)
15:17 : Partner Assisted Muscle Up (í??í?¸ë?? 보조머ì?¬ì??)
16:46 : Band Assisted Muscle Up (ë°´ë?? 보조머ì?¬ì??)
18:34 : Transitioning from Band to No Band (ë°´ë??ì? 점점 ë? ì?ì¡´í??ë?? ë°©ë²?)
20:28 : Muscle Up After Pull Over (í??ì?¤ë²? 이í?? 머ì?¬ì??í??기)

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â?? ë??ì ? 인ì?¤í??ê·¸ë?¨

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