Precision Nutrition Level 1 Review | My Experience

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Whats happennin' youtube/instagram/facebook?! Hope everyone's doing well. Today's video is , as the title would show, me speaking about my experience completing the Precision Nutrition course.


Well, before I got into it I looked on youtube for some videos talking about it, personal experiences, but didn't really find any. So, I figured I'd make this video to help out anyone in the future that is looking into enrolling into this course, and whats some background information before they invest their money. I have lots to say about it since I recently finished it, so here it is!

I must say, this video is a little different in the sense that, it does not really pertain to people looking to improve their physical well being and fitness (although it still can be for some), but is more geared towards people looking to improve their knowledge base, credentials, and coaching ability in order to teach others.

*****This is my honest and personal opinion/experience. Precision Nutrition has not sponsored this video, or influenced my thoughts and opinions in any way.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope it helps!

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