The Fundamentals of High-Performance Nutrition

Ever wonder how a nutrition coach approaches their own diet choices? This weekâ??s Brute Strength podcast is your chance to find out, as Precision Nutrition coach Brian St. Pierre joins Michael Cazayoux to discuss his current diet regimen.

Brian is used to working with high-performance athletes, but heâ??s joining the podcast to share his thoughts on how us â??normalâ? folks can keep nutrition simple, stay consistent, create habits for success and get the most out of doing the least amount of work (cheers to that!).


04:30 â?? The start of Brianâ??s fitness journey
13:30 â?? Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition
25:10 â?? Social media and fitness
29:20 â?? Current diet
41:15 â?? Staying consistent & satisfied
58:30 â?? Habit Design
1:08:20 â?? Minimal Effective Dose


The Cost of Getting Lean
Precision Nutrition

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