How I beat breast cancer. Self healing powers, nutrition & herbal medicine vs chemo and radiatio

I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage III in June 2015. The tumor had fully disappeared In January 2016. I briefly had chemotherapy but stopped it after 4 administrations and continued to heal myself with green juice fasting (Gerson), detoxification, a ketogenic diet, elimination of sugar, natural herbs & supplements. I learned how to activate my self healing powers trough epigenectics, meditation and prayer. In November 2017 I had an operation. The tumor came back in 2017. Many reasons: I fell off the wagon with my eating habits, I went through a very tough time with my divorce, splitting up the house, finances etc. This took out most of my energy levels. I did a full 42 water and herbal tea fast mid 2017 adhering to the strict Breuss fasting plan, but I could not shrink the tumor again. It was approx. 3,8cms in diameter. I spent a considerable amount of money on a treatment in a private clinic in Frankfurt for some photo dynamic laser treatment, but to no avail. In October I had all breast tissue inside my breast removed and replaced with a silicone implant. I was advised to finish the chemotherapy which I refused. I also did not have any radiation treatment nor do I take Tamoxifen. Right now as of November 2017 I am cancer free. I though long about deleting the video, as I could not fully heal it alternatively in the end, but nevertheless it represents a stage of my experience in which everything that happened was as I explained it at the time of the video shoot. In the end it was a combination of school and alternative medicine and I still believe there are different ways for each of us to battle the disease.

In August 2017 I had all my personal problems in order. The "outside" cancer as I like to call it had fully disappeared. Now it was time to amputate the "inside" cancer. And I was ready for it, for the first time... In September I made a fairly quick decision to have all the inside breast tissue removed in full and have it replace with a silicon transplant. The cosmetic result is very satisfying. Skin, and nipple could all be saved and it looks pretty natural.

Hopfefully the cancer is fully removed from my system in all possible ways. Fasting to me is THE WAY to cleanse and stay healthy, but that's another subject.

During the past two years I have done two intensive periods of strict water and tea fasting, one lasted 21 days the other 42 days. I am conviced this kept the cancer at bay and it did not spread further as its stage III and tumor markers indicated.

These days I smile over problems because I know they will fade. I pity people who are trapped in a circle of complaining and moaning, however I will still show love and compassion towards them - even though it is very hard. I think a lot about the meaning of life, the roles we are given and the riddles and task we have to solve. I see a bigger sense in all things these days and I consider myself a much happier person. With all this in mind I strongly believe that I am cured and that the cancer will not come back.

I refuse to take hormone blockers like Tamoxifen and also radiation. I was ok with the operation as I have explained, but would always refuse chemo again. No matter what. I also believe first tiny signs of cancer can be healed in full with a natural life style as the cells would be small enough to revert back to normal. But who am I to give advice to anyone in a similar situation. We are all different. We all have to find out our own special path.

Update April 2018: all a, still not taking anything... x

Update May 2018: Not what I want but the truth: I ate a healthy vegetarian diet for 4 months, largely for political reasons, it didn't do me any good. Hormones went awol ! Menopausal Night sweats like crazy, mood swings, sugar cravings, anxiety, depression, arthritis, ibs and so forth. Since 14 days I have been eating strictly ketogenic - again - and guess what? Exactly ALL symptoms have disappeared. So no more experiments, ketogenic metabolism for me and this does include meat.

As of March 2019 I am still cancer free and I still believe strongly in fasting, autophagy and a low sugar ketongenic diet although I try to stick to a vegetarian ketogenic lifestyle, which is not so easy to do. By now I feel deep inside that eating meat cannot be the solution. So I try to create a vegetarian ketogenic lifestyle for myself that includes intermittent fasting, lots of raw and fresh veggies, green juices, not too much sugary food, no white flour products and no cheese. I am still working on it.

Love & Peace and lots of courage to all of you who battle the disease. May God bless you. Contact me on Facebook
All the best Nicky

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