Dr. Jodie Gruenstern - Pet X Talk - The Pet Nutritional Ladder - Healthy Nutrition For Pets

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern discusses the Pet Nutritional Ladder, Nutritional Needs, Approaches and so much more.

More About Dr. Jodie Gruenstern:

Dr. Jodie Gruenstern:

Dr. Jodie has made it her mission is to encourage the integration of natural foods and remedies into pet health care. "Too many pets are developing severe allergies and cancer. Their immune systems are severely compromised due to excessive vaccinations, processed food nutrition and toxic environments, "she says. She is available to speak to small and large venues to explain this concern.

To facilitate this mission she has formulated a unique line of natural pet products. Each product fulfills a needed niche. Dr. Jodie relies on raw diets for food therapy. She needed single source meat protein treats with NO starch. There weren't any; so she decided to formulate her own. The result is

D-Lectables! There are many gaps in the natural pet industry. Dr. Jodie's N-Trail Mix is a delicious blend of crunchy,

freeze-dried organ bits which fill a functional food need and delight the most finicky carnivores! Furfume is a 100% essential oil coat spray which pet parents say smells fabulous and prefer vs. spot-on products. Watch for continued growth in Dr. Jodie's product collection as she develops new ways to meet the needs of dogs and cats and their naturally-minded pet parents.

Dr. Jodie is a 1987 UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine Charter Class graduate. She was certified in veterinary acupuncture at the Chi Institute in Florida in 2008, under the instruction of the world-renown Dr. Huisheng Xie. She is a certified food therapist and experienced in western and oriental herbology. She participated in the First International Traditional Veterinary Medical Symposium in China. In 2011, she completed the Canine Rehabilitation course at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Jodie has been a small animal practitioner in Muskego, Wisconsin for 25 years. She is the owner and full-time veterinarian at the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex. She is an accomplished writer and speaker. She has appeared on television and radio to promote the integration of holistic veterinary care into conventional pet care. She has been promoting the human-animal bond through community involvement for years from 4-H to the Muskego Chamber of Commerce events. Dr. Jodie enjoys caring for her own rescued dogs and cats. She is a member of many veterinary associations, Elmbrook Church, and she is a vegetarian.

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