I LOST 60 kilograms (132 pounds)-before & after weight loss transformation-inspiring pics

*****UPDATE AUGUST 2012***** - I have now lost 67 KILOS AND WEIGH 59 KILOS (I am now a size 8-10)- MY WEBSITE IS BEING UPDATED DUE TO SO MANY REQUESTS
Drop by at my website - it's a free site I set up to share more info on how I lost weight and it's gimmick free. http://halfthewoman.weebly.com

my latest photo updates can be found here

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Holly Kirby for her AMAZING music - please visit her site or Youtube channel - http://www.hollykirbymusic.com

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Lentils: A Miracle Of Nutrition [Full Documentary]
Lentils: A Miracle Of Nutrition [Full Documentary]
Lentils are undemanding plants from drier regions, yet at the same time they are extremely rich in protein and are real power packs, full of minerals and trace ...
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Man Loses More Than 400 Pounds
Man Loses More Than 400 Pounds
David Smith once weighed 650 lbs has now lost over 400 lbs with the help of his trainer now great friend Chris Powell. =]
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Before and After Weight Loss Transformation Pictures! :)
Before and After Weight Loss Transformation Pictures! :)
Free Test ? AreYouaSugarJunkie.com ? Sugar is your enemy when it comes to weight loss. Find the real answers to that stubborn weight. ? http ? 100% Confidential. before and after weightloss weight loss pictures pics results makeovers pounds lbs 10 ...
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