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For a popular choice of hot chocolate that has a stunning flavor check out our Classic Hot Chocolate. Unlike most hot chocolate drinks this one is weight loss friendly because it is low in fat (1g) and calories (80).

When looking for diet-friendly drinks it is important to not only consider the fat and calorie content but also the taste, because it is hard to stick to a healthy drink that does absolutely nothing to please the senses. So if you are looking for one tasty drink that will warm you up then try out our Classic Hot Chocolate.

Each box comes with 7 servings that you can enjoy for a whole week if you consume one per day. This hot beverage is perfect for mornings with a slice of toast, eggs and any other morning meal that you might want to have.

Product Highlights:

High Protein- 15 grams Per Serving

Low Calories- 80 Per Serving

Low Carb - 3 grams Per Serving

Low Sugar - 2 grams Per Serving

Low Fat - 1 gram Per Serving

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