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For awesome blueberry pancakes that you will love to eat for a long time to come, LOOK NO FURTHER! They have the batter dehydrated small blueberries that are packed full of flavor. You just need to cook them with low-fat milk or water and you are ready to go. The ease of preparation means that this is one meal which you can enjoy when you have little time to prepare a meal. Have you had trouble sticking to your weight loss diet because you can't find enough low-fat meals for you to have a high degree of variety? Then opt for our Blueberry Pancakes and you will have one new meal that you can get excited about and eat on a regular basis. Buy a box and try them out, you might find that they are so good you will be coming back for more on a regular basis. Each box contains 7 servings and that will be enough for you to get a good idea of what their quality is and how filling they are.

Product Highlights:

High Protein - 15 Grams per pouch

Low Calorie - 100 Calories per pouch

Low Sugar - 2 Grams per pouch

Low Fat - 4.5 Grams per serving

Trans Fat Free

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