Snackergy All Natural Beef Jerky, Sweet Teriyaki- 1 oz - 6 PK

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When you’re ready for big, bold flavor in an all-natural* beef jerky, our Sweet Teriyaki delivers with a balanced blend of brown sugar, pineapple juice, garlic, onion and teriyaki sauce infused in hand-cut selections of premium American beef. Unlike inferior meat snacks which use a flavor coating, we use a special vacuum-tumble process to make sure you experience full flavor in every bite. Slowly smoked to achieve a tender texture, this tasty jerky is packaged in convenient single-serving “grab and go” bags for maximum portability.

This jerky is not only far more tender and tasty than old-fashioned beef jerky products, it also contains a lot less sodium. Many other jerky brands deliver 500mg of sodium or more in a single ounce. Each one-ounce single-serving bag of Snackergy Sweet Teriyaki All-Natural Beef Jerky contains just 190mg of sodium. Yes, you can finally enjoy a beef jerky that is easy to chew, tastes delicious and is heart healthy. Say hello to a better high protein snack!

* No artificial ingredients. Minimally Processed

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