Pro-Stat AWC Liquid Protein Wild Cherry Punch 30 fl oz

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Pro-Stat AWC, Advanced Wound Care Liquid Protein
30 oz. Bottle (Complete Protein Supplement)

Pro-Stat AWC is an enzyme hydrolyzed complete protein supplement providing a naturally occurring high nitrogen mix of Essential, Conditionally-Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids with added L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Cystine, Vitamin C and Zinc. Pro-Stat Advanced Wound care is high in protein with 17 grams per 1 oz. serving - 15 grams of protein from enriched collagen (tryptophan and cystine added) and 2.0 grams added L-Arginine.

Pro-Stat AWC is naturally rich in amino acids that are a critical factor in replenishing depleted protein stores and accelerating tissue healing in patients with pressure ulcers. Pro-Stat AWC has no fat or cholesterol, and is low in sodium, phosphorus and potassium. For Pre-surgery, it protects lean body mass, strength and energy. Post-surgery, it supports advanced wound healing, recovery, energy and metabolism, and satisfies protein needs.

Pro-Stat AWC can be taken straight or mixed with liquids or soft food and is certified kosher.

Pro-Stat AWC features and benefits:

  • Contains 17 grams protein and 108 calories in 30 mL (1 oz).
  • Ready-to-use liquid supplement. Easy to take - no mixing required.
  • Can be taken like a medication or used as a food fortifier.
  • Certified Kosher
  • Small 30 ml serving size promotes compliance.
  • Low volume and low in potassium, phosphorus and sodium.
  • Shelf Stable, no refrigeration necessary.
  • Hydrolyzed (pre-digested) for rapid absorption, even with impaired gastric processes.
  • Promotes tissue healing and weight stabilization.
  • Contains high nitrogen amino acids Arginine, Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline for high net protein utilization.
  • Ideal for administration via feeding tubes. Will not clog feeding tubes.
  • Wheat, Lactose and Gluten Free.

Pro-Stat AWC Liquid Protein Wild Cherry Punch 30 fl oz, Pro-Stat, Fiber-Stat Reviews by Customers
Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 out of 5)

5 out of 5 stars The new citrus splash flavor is new - tastes GREAT!
by Anna on 1/25/2013
I had a bad surgical wound and Pro-Stat AWC was given to me in a wound care center - the citrus splash flavor - it tastes like a Jolly Rancher ot gummy bear.
I was told this is a new flavor and everyone loved it. If too thick add water or put in oj.

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