Dry Vitamin A 10000 IU (60 ct) - Bariatric Advantage

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Bariatric Advantage Dry Vitamin A capsules are the perfect choice for individuals suffering from vitamin A deficiency due to fat malabsorption. These water-miscible "dry" capsules are easy to swallow and are scientifically designed for optimum bio-availability. You’ll receive 10,000 IU of vitamin A as retinol acetate in every capsule.

Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include night blindness and diminished immune system function. Since vitamin A is also essential for healthy bones, healthy skin, many aspects of eyesight and the process of cell division; inability to absorb this vitamin can have serious consequences. If you are suffering increased inability to see in dim light or suspect that your immune system is weak, please consult with your health care professional who can order blood tests to determine whether vitamin A deficiency is at fault. Do not use a vitamin A supplement of this potency without consulting your physician.

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